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Rotary Hammers


Bull Point D-20074
Bull Point for HM0810B, HR4041C, HR1500 and HR3851
Flat Chisel D-20080
Flat Chisel for HM0810B, HR4041C, HR1500 and HR3851
Scaling Chisel 751233-A
Scaling Chisel for HM0810B, HR4041C, HR1500 and HR3851
Bull Point 751423-A
Bull Point for HM1214C, HM1203C, HM1111C, HM0870C, HR4002, HR4013C, HR4510C and HR5212C
Scaling Chisel 751230-A
Scaling Chisel for HM1214C, HM1203C, HM1111C, HM0870C, HR4002, HR4013C, HR4510C and HR5212C
Flat Chisel 751228-A
Flat Chisel for HM1214C, HM1203C, HM1111C, HM0870C, HR4002, HR4013C, HR4510C and HR5212C
Core Spline
Tamaños: Desde 1", Hasta 5". Equipos: HR3851, HR4040C y HR5000
Tamaños: Desde 1", Hasta 5". Equipos: HR4002, HR4013C, HR4510C y HR5212C
Grasa para Puntas y Barrena
Grasa para Puntas y Barrenas de Rotary Hammers
Makita Hammer Grease A-90582
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Barrena 3/8"x10" Spline, 711191-A

Barrena 3/8"x16" Spline, 711225-A

Barrena 1/2"x10" Spline, 711192-A

Barrena 1/2"x16" Spline, 711193-A

Barrena 1/2"x22" Spline, 711194-A

Barrena 1/2"x29" Spline, 711195-A

Barrena 5/8"x10" Spline, 711198-A

Barrena 5/8"x16" Spline, 711199-A

Barrena 5/8"x22" Spline, 711200-A

Barrena 3/4"x10" Spline, 711204-A

Barrena 3/4"x16" Spline, 711205-A

Barrena 3/4"x22" Spline, 711206-A

Barrena 3/4"x29" Spline, 711207-A

Barrena 3/4"x36" Spline, 711208-A

Barrena 7/8"x16" Spline, 711209-A

Barrena 7/8"x22" Spline, 711210-A

Barrena 1"x16" Spline, 711211-A

Barrena 1"x22" Spline, 711212-A

Barrena 1"x29" Spline, 711213-A

Barrena 1"x36" Spline, 711214-A

Barrena 1-1/8"x16" Spline, 711215-A

Barrena 1-1/8"x22" Spline, 711216-A

Barrena 1-1/4"x16" Spline, 711217-A

Barrena 1-1/4"x22" Spline, 711218-A

Barrena 1-1/4"x29" Spline, 711219-A

Barrena 1-1/4"x36" Spline, 711220-A

Barrena 1-3/8"x16" Spline, 711221-A

Barrena 1-3/8"x22" Spline, 711453-A

Barrena 1-1/2"x22" Spline, 711222-A

Barrena 1-3/4"x22" Spline, 711223-A

Barrena 2"x22" Spline, 711224-A

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Barrena Spline
Barrena Spline for HR3851, HR4041C and HR5000
Barrena SDS-MAX
Barrena SDS-MAX for HR4000C, HR4001C, HR4010C, HR4500C and HR5001C
Barrena SDS-Plus
Barrena SDS-PLUS for XRH03, XRH04, HR2475, HR2621, HR2811F and HR3210C
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Barrena 1/2"x13" SDS-MAX, T-00256

Barrena 1/2"x21" SDS-MAX, T-00262

Barrena 9/16"x21" SDS-MAX, T-00278

Barrena 5/8"x13" SDS-MAX, T-00284

Barrena 5/8"x21" SDS-MAX, T-00290

Barrena 5/8"x36" SDS-MAX, T-00309

Barrena 3/4"x13" SDS-MAX, T-00315

Barrena 3/4"x21" SDS-MAX, T-00321

Barrena 3/4"x36" SDS-MAX, T-00337

Barrena 7/8"x13" SDS-MAX, T-00359

Barrena 7/8"x21" SDS-MAX, T-00365

Barrena 1"x13" SDS-MAX, T-00371

Barrena 1"x21" SDS-MAX, T-00387

Barrena 1"x36" SDS-MAX, T-00393

Barrena 1-1/8"x17" SDS-MAX, T-00402

Barrena 1-1/8"x23" SDS-MAX, T-00418

Barrena 1-1/4"x15" SDS-MAX, T-00424

Barrena 1-1/4"x23" SDS-MAX, T-00430

Barrena 1-1/4"x36" SDS-MAX, T-00446

Barrena 1-3/8"x23" SDS-MAX, T-00452

Barrena 1-1/2"x23" SDS-MAX, T-00474

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Barrena 5/32"x4-1/2" SDS-PLUS, 711226-A

Barrena 5/32"x6-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711227-A

Barrena 3/16"x4-1/2" SDS-PLUS, 711228-A

Barrena 3/16"x6-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711229-A

Barrena 3/16"x8-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711230-A

Barrena 3/16"x10" SDS-PLUS, 711231-A

Barrena 3/16"x12" SDS-PLUS, 711232-A

Barrena 7/32"x6-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711234-A

Barrena 1/4"x4-1/2" SDS-PLUS, 711235-A

Barrena 1/4"x6-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711236-A

Barrena 1/4"x8-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711237-A

Barrena 1/4"x11" SDS-PLUS, 711238-A

Barrena 1/4"x14" SDS-PLUS, 711239-A

Barrena 5/16"x6-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711240-A

Barrena 5/16"x12" SDS-PLUS, 711241-A

Barrena 3/8"x6-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711242-A

Barrena 3/8"x12-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711243-A

Barrena 3/8"x24" SDS-PLUS, 711244-A

Barrena 7/16"x6-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711245-A

Barrena 7/16"x12-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711246-A

Barrena 1/2"x6-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711248-A

Barrena 1/2"x12-1/4" SDS-PLUS, 711249-A

Barrena 1/2"x18" SDS-PLUS, 711250-A

Barrena 1/2"x24" SDS-PLUS, 711251-A

Barrena 9/16"x6-1/2" SDS-PLUS, 711252-A

Barrena 9/16"x12-1/2" SDS-PLUS, 711253-A

Barrena 5/8"x8" SDS-PLUS, 711255-A

Barrena 5/8"x12" SDS-PLUS, 711256-A

Barrena 5/8"x18" SDS-PLUS, 711257-A

Barrena 5/8"x24" SDS-PLUS, 711258-A

Barrena 3/4"x8" SDS-PLUS, 711173-A

Barrena 3/4"x12" SDS-PLUS, 711174-A